Powerful End to End Prototyping Solutions

In a quick paced world of electronic evolution and technological convergence, advanced design aids and prototype fabrication solutions are an integral part of your product’s success.  Today’s application complexities dictate that designers and developers work at higher levels of abstraction, bestowing low level functional reliability to tool vendors.  In such development realm, partnering with a reliable, effective and accountable tool vendor may well be the difference between success or failure when launching a new product.

For more than 10 years, Embedded Logic Solutions Pty Ltd has been supporting ANZ design engineers with ‘State of the Art’ Hardware and Software EDA tools as well as End-to-End prototyping solutions from world renowned manufacturers and vendors.   Coming through a roadmap of strategic alliances and business milestone achievements, consistently focused on the R&D and prototyping phases of product manufacturing, we have come to the unique position of offering our ANZ customers the one stop shopping node for their increasingly demanding prototyping requirements.

Every development environment is unique and requires unique solutions.  We are always happy to discuss your particular requirements and offer the best possible solution. Our large and expanding installed base is proof of the value of our solutions and the level of our professional engagement, with satisfied customers coming from all segments of the electronics industry.