NeoDen4, the brand new and long-awaited model of NeoDen, is a desktop Pick and Place machine with vision system.

As a professional PnP machine designer and developer, NeoDen has been doing research in SMT industry since 2010. Neoden4 equipped dual cameras, auto rails, auto electronic feeders and 4 placement heads, which could support to mount 0201, BGA, QFN, especially, it is applicable for 0.8m/1.2m/1.5m LED strip. NeoDen4 is the best choice to satisfy all demands of high precision, high capacity, stable performance and low cost.

This is a huge breakthrough not only for NeoDen, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises, those who want to improve placement accuracy and speed up PCB assembly with a limited budget.

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New features

1. Vision system (an up-looking camera and a down-looking camera) identifies and calibrates the different components simultaneously, and tremendously improves the accuracy of placement from 0201 to BGA;

2. Auto rails help to achieve continuous placement and solve the problem of long LED strip, such as 0.8m, 1.2m and 1.5m LED strip;

3. Auto electric feeders greatly reduce the feeding deviation;

4. General conveyor is supported, so a SMT production line can be setup, which is more time-saving and labor-saving.

5. Four placement heads help to pick up and calibrate components at the same time.

6. The device supports remote system upgrade, NeoDen provides a life-long system upgrade service without charge.


Heads  qty 4

( under factory test condition)

Vision on:  5000CPH
Vision off: 10000CPH
Feeder qty Tape reel feeders: 48
Vibration feeders: 5
Tray feeders: 5
Detachable rails 1 set
Applicable components Smallest Component  size: 0201
Largest Component size: TQFP240
BGA, QFN, 1.5m LED strip
Component Height 5MM
Rotation ±180°(360°)
Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
X-Y repeatability ±0.02mm
Applicable PCB area With Rails : 310*1500mm
Placement Area Without waffle Tray:310*1500mm
With 1 waffle Tray: 140*1500mm
Main Control GUI
Power Supply 110V/220V
Power 180W
External Dimensions Machine size:  87*68*48cm
Packing size:   94*74*60cm
Weight Net Weight:    60kg
Gross weight:  80kg

Standard accessories list

1) Pick and Place Machine NeoDen4: 1

2) Nozzle: Totally 10(XN07=3, XN14=3, XN40=2, XN22=2)

3) 8G Flash Drive: 1

4) Power Cord(5M): 1

5) Video training course: 1

6) Double Sided Adhesive Tape: 2

7) Allen wrench Set: 5

8) Tool Box: 1

9) Reel holder stand: 1

10) Vibration Feeder: 1

11) Rail Parts: 4

12) User Manual: 1