LPKF presents the ProtoLaser ST, a compact tabletop system for laser structuring of printed circuit boards.

The laboratory system for PCB prototyping as well as on-demand customer-specific low volume production can process nearly all common printed circuit board materials. It generates exact geometries with good repeatability.

The high-performance LPKF ProtoLaser ST enables efficient prototyping of complex digital and analog circuits as well as RF and microwave PCBs. The laser system can produce exact geometries on nearly any material and is ideal for structuring of single- or double-sided printed circuit boards, antennas, filters, and many applications in which precise, steep edges are critical.

With additional equipment, the LPKF ProtoLaser ST is also suitable for production of multilayer components. Through the vacuum table, even flexible materials and foils can be freely positioned and held exactly in place.  

The ProtoLaser ST is an ideal entry model for printed circuit board prototyping and on-demand customer-specific low-volume production. Through the intelligent, intuitively operated system software, users can use the system with a Class 1 laser even without intensive laser training. The integrated camera system ensures exact positioning of the previously drilled and depaneled printed circuit boards.