Protomat D104

LPKF’s ProtoMat D104 circuit board plotter offers interesting extensions and new features. The table-top unit, equipped with mechanical tools and a laser system, boasts new hardware components and improved software.

LPKF ProtoMat D104LPKF’s ProtoMat D104 offers interesting extensions and new features

The new D104 is recommended for HF applications requiring high geometric precision. The ProtoMat D104 has not only mechanical drilling and milling tools but also a laser tool. Automatic changeover to the laser (laser class 1) occurs when no smaller mechanical tool is available.

 The small laser spot size of just 15 microns and the pitch of 65 microns are notable as they offer a 50-micron trace and 15-micron space. In mass production, too, it is hard to improve on these values.

The laser tool eliminates the need for high-precision micromilling tools, thereby lowering the consumption costs of the D104. The final version includes numerous new features: contactless milling depth setting, contactless working depth limiter, a 100,000-rpm spindle, a vacuum table, and a measuring and vision system, for example. The D104 is available now.