Tabletop System for Laser Structuring of PCBs

The Upgrade for Your Laboratory

With the compact LPKF ProtoLaser ST, surfaces can be precisely processed, and laser-etched PCBs with exact geometries can be created in just a few minutes. The PCB prototypes are manufactured in an extremely material-friendly process. This is made possible through a combination of the high cutting power of the machine’s IR fiber laser source and the high cutting speed achieved by the scanner-based process. With its compact tabletop format, the LPKF ProtoLaser ST can be used in any laboratory for processing materials from FR4 to sensitive RF substrates.

Fast Processing on a Wide Range of Materials

The LPKF ProtoLaser ST enables efficient prototyping of complex digital, analog, RF and microwave circuit boards. The laser system achieves exact geometries on almost any material and is ideal for creating single or double-sided circuit boards, antennas, filters and many applications where precise, steep sidewalls are required.

With additional equipment, the LPKF ProtoLaser ST is also suitable for the production of multilayer boards. The vacuum table even allows flexible materials and foils to be freely positioned and precisely held.

Established System Software

The latest generation of the powerful CAM and machine software, CircuitPro, is both data preparation and system control in one. CircuitPro is optimally designed for further processing of substrates prepared with an LPKF ProtoMat. Together with the integrated camera system, the software enables the exact positioning of the pre-drilled and cut-out PCBs.

Compact and Economical

The ProtoLaser ST , LPKF’s first table-top laser system, requires only a power socket and compressed air. In operation, the LPKF ProtoLaser ST, which has a granite base, corresponds to a laser class 1 safety rating; no further protective measures are required, ideal for use in a laboratory environment.

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